Enda Energy

EGC InfraEnergy took over 4.21% of the shares of Enda Energy Holding (“Enda Energy”) on 17 January 2013. EGC InfaEnergy continued to acquire the shares of Enda Energy over the years. EGC InfraEnergy owned 5,34% and 3,17% of Enda Energy shares in 2014 and 2015, respectively. The company exited from its portfolio by selling 3,17% of the shares owned to Verusa Holding A.Ş. on February 17, 2016.

 Operating in the energy industry since 1993, Enda develops energy investment projects in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, conducts energy investments, operates current production plants and energy trade as well as any kind of production technologies, primarily renewable energy in the capacity of an investor. Enda provides electrical energy to real and legal entities within the scope of a free consumer since 2004. In virtue of both producing electricity from renewable resources and owning natural gas plants, Enda is able to produce uninterruptible electricity and thus supply electricity to consumers with reasonable unit prices during the year.

JKS Energy Power Systems

JKS Enerji Güç Sistemleri Tic. ve San. A.Ş. commissioned its commercial activities in 2013 and offering generator maintenance and care, leasing services and sales solutions to the corporations and institutions of any scale and joined in the portfolio of EGC InfraEnergy as a 50% subsidiary. Afterwards, it left the portfolio company by the way of sale of its shares in EGC InfraEnergy to the other shareholders.