Karesi Geothermal

Geothermal energy was initially used for health resorts but today it has become an energy type presenting various utilization fields. Geothermal electricity production was developed to a great extent in the last 40 years. It is acknowledged worldwide that geothermal heat and electrical energy production will have a great importance in the future. Investments made in the geothermal energy industry are continuously increasing. According to Electric Energy Market and Supply Security Strategy document, Turkey’s geothermal installed capacity is planned to increase up to 600 MW in 2023 from 162.2 MW.

Making use of renewable energy resources among its investment fields in the light of these developments, Egeli & Co. Financial Services Group won the tenders for Balikesir-Bigadic-Adali Ceribasi and Balikesir-Balya-Ilica geothermal areas put out by General Directorate of Mineral Research & Exploration (MTA), on 24 February 2011 through a consortium formed by EGCYH and NRG Energy. Following the tender, the capital of Karesi Geothermal, which was founded by Egeli & Co. Investment Holding and NRG Energy, was raised from TL 480,000 to TL 960,000 in April 2012.

In September 2012 geological, geochemical and geophysical studies were made in both areas subject to geothermal operating permit, for “Geothermal Potential Development Opportunities Research Project” and a report was issued for each area. It is planned that drilling works shall be given a start in both areas within the scope of these reports.

Within the scope of the plans of Egeli & Co. Financial Services Group for combining its energy investments under EGC Infra Energy, 480,000 shares of Karesi Geothermal with a par value of TL 1 each, owned by Egeli & Co. Investment Holding were assigned to EGC Infra Energy in return for TL 794,111 on February 20th 2013.

EGC Energy Solutions

EGC Energy Solutions Inc. offers energy solutions from 5kVA up to 25 MV, with its mobile rental gas tribune fleet and generator fleet.

EGC Energy Solutions Inc. (“EGC Energy”) is a 100% subsidiary of Egeli & Co. Investment Trust Inc. (“EGC InfraEnergy”) the shares of which are traded at Borsa Istanbul with the ticker EGLYO and are regulated and monitored by the Turkish Capital Market Board (“CMB”).

EGC Energy Rental Mobile Gas Tribune:

EGC Energy provides cost-efficient reliable electricity; anywhere in the world with its rental fleet consists of mobile FT8® Mobilepac® rental gas turbine package.

EGC Energy offers movable turnkey temporary power systems solutions anywhere in the world in a wide range of applications such as disaster relief, supplemental capacity, seasonal peak shaving, backup for scheduled or unscheduled outages, dedicated industrial power.

EGC Energy Generator Rental and Sale:

EGC Energy is engaged in renting, importing and selling of its generator fleet in the domestic markets.

EGC Energy, which satisfies the need for uninterrupted power supply of the industrial, commercial and residential sectors as well entertainment sector, offers generator renting and sale services to anywhere in Turkey with its point of sales in Marmara and Mediterranean Regions.

EGC Energy offers its services with its fixed and mobile product with wide range of power from 5 kVA up to 2,000 kVA in its generator fleet developed for the renting and sales functions. In this respect, it produces solutions for the needs of various customer groups such as residential estates, residential development projects, industrial zones, production complexes, hotels, larger shopping malls, competitions, concerts, immense events, hospitals, agriculture, mining and construction projects etc. and satisfies urgent energy needs by means of its mobile generators for rent.

EGC Energy offers its boutique service to each of its eligible customers without any refinement and this is the most critical point which makes EGC Energy differentiate from its competitors. While it is offering its services within the frame of this approach, it relies upon and trusts in its experienced personnel and efficient customer relations policies as well.

Number one priority of EGC Energy is to go beyond the customers’ expectations by means of its high quality products and efficient customer relations.