Investment Philosophy

Investment Strategy

EGC InfraEnergy offers the opportunities of growth potential in the emerging sectors to its investors through transparent investment platform. EGC InfraEnergy is providing a strong and sustainable capital returns by investing in the growing industries, especially in clean energy and infrastructure.

Investment Assessment, Research and Development Process

In this context, the target companies are identified through a detailed analysis and valuation process by Egeli & Co. Asset Management along with detailed legal, financial, tax and operational due diligence in line with the investment procedure. In the aftermath of the assessment process projects considered worthy of investment are finalized in line with the EGC InfraEnergy investment philosophy and return criteria, further to the approval of Board of Directors based on the recommendation of the Egeli & Co. Asset Management Investment Committee.

No conflict of interest occurred within the relevant year, between the Company and the corporations/institutions offering investment consulting or rating services to the Company. Information on the potential matters, which may possibly result in conflict of interest, and importance thereof are stated in the agreements entered into by and between these corporations/institutions and the Company.

Revealing the investment process

● Reviewing investment opportunities in line with prespecified investment criteria

Assessment and approval phase

● Preassessment of investment opportunity, industry research, competition analysis, comparative analysis, quality of target company executive staff, reference speeches, financial analysis and evaluation works
● Issuing investment report and submitting to Board of Directors

Financing and closing transaction

● Discussing the Letter of Intent with the target company and coming to an agreement in principle
● Detailed inspection process together with other consultants
● Making preliminary negotiations with the banks for financing
● Signing the Share Purchase Agreement and Partnership Agreement
● Closing (completing the transaction)

Processes after closing 

● Development of corporate stategy by Board of Directors and Executive Board
● Developing Corporate Governance Criteria
● Establishing Audit processes
● Forming Audit Committee
● Investor relations
● Issuing detailed management reports

Exit from investment 

● Public offering
● Sale to strategic investor
● Sale to financial investor
● Resale to founding partners

EGC InfraEnegry forms the infrastructure for a sustainable financial performance by also improving the governance profile of the companies it is investing in. This approach is one of the main pillars of our investment strategy aiming sustainable return in the long run.

Reports containing financial and operational key performance indicators, issued by the invested companies and real asset investment team are regularly submitted to Board of Directors by Internal Audit and real asset investment team and the ongoing operations of the companies in the portfolio are monitored regularly. 

For the purpose of fulfilling the criteria of corporate governance, environmental and social performance criteria, he puts the sustainability and responsible investments in the center of all the valuation and he did not give his consent to any financial proceeds that are not creating social benefit.

While investing in the energy and infrastructure sector, he constituted his own investment philosophy as to contribute in the development in the regions where investments are made, to minimize environmental effects of his investments and to produce the highest value for all of its stakeholders.