Company Profile

EGC InfraEnergy is providing a strong and sustainable capital returns by investing in the growing industries, especially in clean energy and infrastructure.

Egeli & Co. Investment Trust (“EGLYO” or EGC InfraEnergy) founded by Akbank on 18 September 1998 under the title Ak B-Type Investment Trust. The shares of Ak B-Type Investment Trust were acquired by Egeli & Co. Investment Holding (“EGCYH”) on 3 July 2012 and joined Egeli & Co. Financial Services Group.

The legal status of EGC InfraEnergy, the shares of which are traded at Borsa Istanbul with ticker of EGLYO and are regulated and monitored by the Capital Markets Board (“CMB”), was converted from a securities investment trust to a venture capital investment trust with a resolution taken in the Shareholders’ Meeting dated 27 December 2012.

EGC InfraEnergy provides opportunities to exploit the potential in high growth industries, particularly energy and infrastructure, on a transparent and regulated platform to domestic and foreign institutional and individual investors.

The energy sector, vital also for development policies of the Country, are the most important supporters of the emerging economies. In this respect, EGC InfraEnergy makes correct and sustainable investments to satisfy the increasing energy demand by benefiting from inactive, limited and exhaustible natural resources in the most efficient and environmentalist manner and achieves the projects in order to ensure provision of fundamental services in adequate, fast, efficient and fair manner in the infrastructure sector attracting investors, focused on long term business opportunities increasing day by day. 

Furthermore, the regulation on the license-free energy generation was put into effect at the end of 2013; and upon amendment to the related laws and regulations, the limit, being 500 kilowatt in license-free electricity generation was increased up to 1 megawatt (MW). The way for those, intending to generate their own energy through renewable energy sources such as water, sun and wind without a license, was opened and the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) completed amendments to the existing laws and regulations, as required for the license-free electricity generation. EGC InfraEnergy benefited from this amendment made in the energy sector and expanded its investment strategy.

The Company has a well-established corporate governance system, which ensures efficient control of management’s execution of strategic decisions. 

Immediately after transformation of the company’s status, EGC InfraEnergy started to create energy investment portfolio, firstly bought 4.2% of the shares of Enda Energy Holding A.Ş. (“ENDA Energy”), holding 8 active facilities and having 273 Mw capacities, in January 2013 and subsequently increased its share in Enda Energy up to 5.34% by means of share acquisitions throughout the year. EGC InfraEnergy currently holds 3.17% of Enda Energy shares.

Afterwards, in February 2013, EGC InfraEnergy acquired shares of Karesi Geothermal, which is a 50% affiliate of Egeli & Co. Investment Holding.

As of June 2014, a 100% subsidiary of our company, Eurasia Enerji Yatırımları A.Ş. has changed its name to EGC Enerji Çözümleri A.Ş. EGC Enerji Çözümleri A.Ş. offers reliable energy solutions and engaged in renting, importing and selling of its fixed and mobile generator fleet in the domestic market, as well as offers movable turnkey temporary power systems solutions anywhere in the world with its mobile energy turbine.